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For Part I – Gathering the Band

Agile Fluency:




Andreessen, M.: Why Software is eating the World. The Wall Street Journal. August 20, 2011.

BBRT: Beyond Budgeting Round Table.

Beta Codex:

Beyond Budgeting Principles:

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Circle Forward:

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DAD: Disciplined Agile Delivery.

Deep Democracy,

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Enterprise Scrum:


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HSD: Human Systems Dynamics.

Industry Analyst Panel, Agile 2016:

LeSS: Large Scale Scrum.

McKinsey survey:


Nexus: Exoskeleton for Scaled Scrum. Also referred to as SPS – Scaled Professional Scrum.



SAFe: Scaled Agile Framework.

ScaledPrinciples: ScALeD Agile Lean Development – The Principles.

Semco: The Semco Institute.




Waugh, R.: Mark Zuckerberg invests in CAPTCHA-crushing AI which “thinks like a human”. welivesecurity. March 25, 2014.

World Blu:

For Part II – Improvising the Tune

Agile Fluency:;



Andreessen, M.: Why Software is eating the World. The Wall Street Journal. August 20, 2011.

Beyond Budgeting Principles:

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For Part III – Shall We Dance?

AgileAlliance Experience Reports:

Agile Fluency:

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For Part IV – Party Time


BMW, sustainability manager Ferdinand Geckeler:

Buffer salary structure:

Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR):

Climate Group:

Collaborative Governance:

Cone Communications CSR Study, 2017.

Foundation Strategy Group:

Global Compact:

Fair Labor Association:

Institute for Multi Stakeholder Initiative Integrity:

Korten, David, “The New Economy: A Living Earth Systems Model”

Microsoft supports rural communities:

Munich Re:

Neighborhood Community Networks:

Telia Company:

Transparency International:

United Nations’ GAIN:

World Water Council: